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We are collective design consultancy.

A multidisciplinary design consultancy collective based in Amsterdam with 40 years of combined experience, specializing in creative, strategic, and operational solutions. We partner with brands and entrepreneurs to create unique, strong, and innovative products. We have a global network of creative collaborators. We enhance portfolios, optimize supply chains and merge concepts and commerce with tangible development. Our focus is on sustainable design, conceptual excellence, product quality, and brand impact.

Our Services

Product Strategy

We help you create innovative products that are well-positioned to succeed in the marketplace. Whether you’re looking to disrupt an existing industry or create a new one, we have the expertise and experience to help you make it happen.

Portfolio Management

Strategically overseeing your collection of products, to align design with business objectives, and adapt to market dynamics. Effective and on-brand portfolio management enhances competitiveness, innovation, and overall organizational success.

Design Management

We use the power of design to create stand-out products and collections that meet or exceed expectations. We know how to manage creative processes in such a way that the outcome is wanted; on time and within the set constraints.

Sustainable Design

We commit to using sustainable, regenerative, or fully recyclable materials where possible. This fosters resource efficiency and promotes a closed-loop system where materials can be reused or naturally decomposed, contributing to a resilient design paradigm where we consider end-of-life scenario`s from the start of each project.

Product Development

Our team of product development experts can help you bring your ideas to life, from compliance and budget to engineering and prototyping. We’ll work seamlessly with your supply chain to get your product to market in time and within budget.

Sourcing & Supply Chain

We curate a global network of dedicated suppliers and manufacturers that we’ve cultivated over the years. We use this network to optimize your supply chain and ensure a reliable product flow for your business for years to come.

Clients and Collaborations

Our team

Bart Schilder

partner & co-founder

Deeply involved in the early days of Marcel Wanders’ brand Moooi to a successful career as an independent design professional: Bart has seen it all, from industrialising “impossible” techniques in the far east, to developing cutting edge innovative conducting technologies for lighting, up to art direction and management positions when a clear design minded leader is needed. With a keen focus on sustainable innovation, Bart is driven to apply future proof thinking into design.

Michiel Geluk

partner & co-founder

As a true TU Delft graduate Michiel is not afraid of any technical challenges covering almost the entirety of your business. From complex tolerance projects and precision tooling to cost price analyses and optimization. Having a masters degree in industrial design Michiel does not underperform on any operational knowledge and experience. With a proven track record of sourcing in Europe, and process development Michiel is the strategic partner you want to have on your project.

Aaron van Bindsbergen

partner & co-founder

Energy, commitment and enthusiasm define Aaron. For the past decade Aaron committed himself to design and development, working with several leading companies, resulting in a product manager position with design powerhouse Fest Amsterdam. In 2023 Aaron decided to put his experience in service to a wider range of clients. Aaron is a traveling socialite that communicates in each and every design language and knows how to get things done.

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