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    Embark on a journey where your projects come alive with out-of-the-box insights, creativity, and design and engineering expertise. Our seasoned professionals help navigate you from ideation and portfolio management to prototyping and production. 

    Our tailored curriculum ensures that each session addresses your specific needs, whether it’s reviewing your portfolio, turning concepts into tangible designs, tackling technical and commercial challenges, or finding the right partners.

    We can support you with a single session, or multiple, repeating sessions, all depending on your needs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revamp or accelerate your project and contact us for a session!

  • Unexpected solutions from a different industry

    People seek solace and relaxation not only indoors but also in outdoor spaces. While the conventional furniture industry offers various outdoor seating options, they often come with limitations.

    Traditional outdoor furniture typically consists of cushions and upholstery that are susceptible to wear and tear from weather conditions. These materials often require constant maintenance, including covering or storing during inclement weather. However, a revolutionary solution is on the horizon, promising to redefine outdoor comfort and transform the way we think about solutions for alfresco living.

    The breakthrough solution to outdoor comfort is a departure from conventional furniture industry norms. This innovative approach we chose to develop a seat cushion suitable for intensive, outdoor use uses a cutting-edge textile process that allows a single machine to create both the upholstery and fill it with the same material. This technology, originating from workwear applications, was created to withstand hardwearing use.

    Here’s how it reshapes the outdoor comfort landscape:

    • Streamlined Manufacturing: Traditional outdoor furniture manufacturing involves multiple steps, materials, and assembly processes. In contrast, this revolutionary approach streamlines the production of outdoor seating. A single machine can create the entire cushion, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing costs.
    • Water-Permeable Design: The heart of this innovation lies in its clever interior seat design that enables water to pass through the material. This open structure allows for efficient drainage, eliminating the need to remove cushions or worry about the effects of rain. No more damp and waterlogged cushions; these outdoor seats are ready to use anytime.
    • Minimal Maintenance: With conventional outdoor furniture, maintenance is a constant concern. Regular upkeep, including covering or storing furniture during rain or winter, can be a hassle. In contrast, the water-permeable design of the revolutionary solution minimizes the need for such maintenance. Users can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the burden of constant care and upkeep.
    • Comfort and Durability: While providing weather resistance and low-maintenance benefits, this innovative approach doesn’t compromise on comfort and users can have peace of mind knowing their outdoor furniture will withstand the elements and remain comfortable over time, as the filling is constructed instead of foamed, so it doesn’t lose its elasticity.
    • Environmental Considerations: Beyond convenience, this approach has environmental benefits. By reducing the need for constant replacement and replacing various materials with a single 100% recyclable one, it can contribute to a more sustainable approach to outdoor furniture.

    In summary, the revolutionary solution for creating outdoor comfort beyond conventional furniture industry norms can be a game-changer in the world of alfresco living. 

    If you’re interested in harnessing the power of innovative technology to elevate your outdoor product, or like to use our approach and mindset for similar challenges we invite you to contact us. 

  • Can you create a chair for us?

    In our world of design and manufacturing, creating a chair seems like a straightforward task. At Collective Design Consultancy we know all about the materials, technology, and processes involved. Whether it is artisan furniture making or industrial molded designs, we’ve been there and love the process to create and realize with dedicated makers.

    But we feel the need to continously challenge our perspective and not jump into the same processes, simply because we are familiar with them. We contemplate on the question itself and its consequential actions.

    What are the broader implications of developing this new chair?

    What will it need to do?

    Where will it be used?

    Who will it serve?

    And important for each product, what will be the impact on the environment during creation, during use, and at the end of its life cycle?

    Here are some key factors to ponder:

    • Design: Does the design reflect its true purpose in the best possible way?
    • Commercial Need: What is the demand for this chair in the market? How does it align with consumer preferences and trends?
    • Materials: Manufacturing often involves the use of resource-intensive materials like plastic, metal, or wood. We commit ourselves to keeping up to date about alternatives with a lower environmental impact.
    • Production: The methods we use to produce chairs significantly affect their ecological footprint. We know new ways to optimize production processes to reduce waste, energy consumption, and emissions.
    • Longevity: Can we design chairs to be more durable, repairable, or recyclable, ensuring they stay out of landfills? Or should we, in contrast, make one that is less durable but easy to dispose of instead?
    • Logistics: How far do the raw materials and finished product need to travel, and what is the carbon footprint associated with this transport?
    • Sourcing: Is it possible and feasible to source materials and labor locally, reducing transportation-related emissions and supporting the local economy? Does the design reflect the boundaries of local manufacturing, or should we adapt?
    • Ethics: Is it safe and satisfying to produce?
    • End-of-Life Consideration: What happens to the chair when it reaches the end of its usable life? Can it be repurposed, recycled, or responsibly disposed of?

    These questions challenge us to think innovatively. To incorporate new practices from the inception of a design and avoiding to replicate what already has been done before. To create and realize a future proof design and process.

    So, our answer to the question; Can you create a chair? is a resounding “yes,” but in the world of design and innovation, the question isn’t just “Can you create a chair?” but “How can you create a chair that makes a difference?”

    To keep progressing we are committed to new, sustainable practices and keep an open mind to design and manufacturing. Embracing these principles not only benefits the planet but also positions your brand as a responsible and forward-thinking contributor to a sustainable future.

    In the next months, allow us to make you part of our journey forward, as we are determined to answer this question with a surprisingly new answer!

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  • Is it bananas to use AI design tools?

    In the fast-paced world of design, the integration of AI-powered image generation has opened up a world of creative possibilities. With just a few clicks, it’s possible to conjure up stunning concepts that push the boundaries of aesthetics. Yet, there’s a crucial, often underestimated challenge – transforming these mesmerizing virtual designs into real, feasible products.

    The Digital Mirage vs. Physical Reality

    AI-generated designs look fantastic on screens, but the real challenge is translating this digital magic into tangible, manufacturable products. What looks great in pixels might not always translate seamlessly into a physical product. 

    Manufacturability Matters

    The heart of the challenge lies in manufacturability. Crafting a piece of furniture isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about materials, production processes, and structural integrity. While AI can provide us with groundbreaking design concepts, it can’t optimize them for manufacturability on its own. That’s where the human professional comes in. 

    Skilled Professionals: The Missing Link.

    Despite AI’s capabilities, the expertise of skilled professionals remains irreplaceable. Industry professionals bring a wealth of knowledge in selecting the right producers, materials, refining design elements for production efficiency, and ensuring that every piece adheres to industry standards. They bridge the gap between concept and creation. 

    From Concept to Reality

    The path from concept to reality is rarely linear. It involves continuous iteration and refinement. Skilled professionals would have to put in a lot of effort to make AI-generated designs manufacturable. It’s a journey that requires both creativity and technical know-how. 

    A Collaborative Future

    AI can be a true inspiration as a powerful visualization tool, as was 3D rendersoftware 2 decade ago. True innovation lies at this intersection of computer aided design and human ingenuity. Together, we’re unlocking new possibilities while keeping manufacturability front and center. By addressing the challenges and harnessing the strengths of both AI and skilled professionals, we’re shaping a future where remarkable design is not just imagined but also made.

    Collective Design Consultancy is doing just that. Whether your design is AI generated, supported or simply created from your own creativity; we can turn it into reality. Drop us a message if you want to know more! 

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